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ESSL Web Site:

Check the ESSL Web Site for championship qualifying times.  Also check the ESSL Web Site for your child's best times throughout the season.  Anyone who has qualified for championships will be denoted with a * next to their name.

It is a great way to watch your child's development throughout the season.

Help our team:

If you have any questions or concerns or ideas, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail one of the officers.  If you don't let us know, we can't help to improve the team!!  Lois' e-mail is:

Check out these interesting web sites:


Locker Room Duty:


Please remember your locker room duty during both practice and at the meets. Supervision in the locker rooms is necessary for the swimmers’ safety as well as the welfare of the team. The date of your duty can be found on our website. Please contact an officer if you do not have Internet access and we can help you.

* You should arrive a few minutes early when you have locker room duty. Check out the locker room to make sure there are no major problems before our swimmers arrive. Report any damage you find to an officer or coach. This will insure that our team will not be held responsible for any preexisting problems. 

* Supervise our swimmers while they are in the locker room. Please remain in the locker room until all of our swimmers are on deck. No swimmers should leave the deck to go to the locker room unescorted.

* After practice or a meet, remain in the locker room until all of the swimmers have gone. Check to make sure that the room is left as we found it. Collect any personal property left behind by our swimmers for our lost and found.

If you cannot perform your locker room duty, please find a replacement. Thanks in advance for your help!




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